As it turns out, Jessica Lynne Orvis would have her life turned upside down by two airplane rides- one to Paris, and the other to Africa. Jessica ventured on a chocolatiers tour of Paris, where she discovered macarons- airy, delicately sweet, and vexingly hard to bake. Then and there, Jessica set out to unlock the mystery of the perfect macaron.

A couple years later, on a humanitarian mission with her church, Jessica stumbled upon her second life passion- the children of Africa. Five years and thousands of macarons later, Jessica finally brought her art to a level rivaling the French.

Not long after, Jessica and her best friend, Taylor Tewell, co-founded the charity JBella Macarons. Their first challenge was to raise $4000 for medical supplies for a day orphanage in Swaziland. Next, they worked with the Swaziland Leadership Academy (SLA) and fully funded the education of four young women.

Jessica and Taylor have supplied macarons to bakeries, weddings, private events, and more to follow their passion. They still work with the SLA and have gone on to fund a second medical clinic in Swaziland.